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Learning is in our genes

At the Gene Editing Institute we consider education and outreach an unlimited venture.

University of Delaware doctoral students are at home in our lab, working on theses ranging from elucidating the mechanism of CRISPR-directed gene editing in human cells to the development of the clinical program for squamous cell carcinoma and Sickle-Cell Disease.

We serve as a core lab for the prestigious Wistar Institute as well as the Delaware INBRE collaborative.

National Science Foundation supported education

With funding from the National Science Foundation, we are partnering with Delaware Technical Community College to educate teachers in CRISPR gene editing skills. This program ensures technicians are graduating with critical entry-level and employability skills that support emerging technology areas in the biosciences. We are creating a similar educational program for high school students.

CRISPR in a Box

In a new venture, The Gene Editing Institute is teaming up with Delaware Technical Community College and Rockland Immunochemicals, Inc. to market and sell a new tool for educators called CRISPR in a Box, and to offer virtual training on how to use the kit within their existing biotech curriculums. The kit, and the program, are open to all educators, including high school and four-year colleges.

Are you a partner?

At the Gene Editing Institute, we are passionate about the science and open to new possibilities. If that sounds like your organization, please get in touch to learn more.

Gene Editing Institute
Siobhan Hawthorne
e-mail: SHawthorne@ChristianaCare.org

Rockland CRISPR in a Box
Delaware Technical Community College virtual workshops

Educating the next generation of scientists

CRISPR in a Box is the evolution of a partnership between the Gene Editing Institute and Delaware Tech that began in 2017 with a National Science Foundation grant to develop the first-ever gene editing curriculum for community college students. Under the original grant, Delaware Tech used the kits in educational workshops that have trained more than 70 faculty members from community colleges across the U.S.

CRISPR in a Box tools

The gene editing tools in CRISPR in a Box are designed based on the pioneering discoveries of the Gene Editing Institute that are currently being used to explore next-generation medical therapies and diagnostics for diseases including cancer, sickle-cell anemia and COVID-19. These tools include the CRISPR/Cas complex, a target DNA molecule, mammalian cell free extract and a synthetic DNA molecule.

The kit can be easily incorporated into practically any introductory or advanced biology course with a laboratory component. If a teaching lab can support bacterial cultivation, it can perform the in vitro gene editing lab activity.