Sambee Kanda, M.S.

Staff Scientist II

B.S. Delaware State University
M.S. University of Delaware

Sambee is a researcher working with the Genome Customization Core, utilizing CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tools in order to develop genetically modified cell lines based on specifications submitted by clients wanting to edit or knock out genes in particular cells. She received her B.S from Delaware State University in 2015 where she tested the toxicity of pesticides on dopaminergic model systems to measure their effect on formation and progression of Parkinson's disease. She earned her M.S. from the University of Delaware in 2018, where she developed a dual reporter construct and humanized cell line in order to measure promoter activation and splice variation of the SMN2 gene, in order to find compounds that can be used to cure or lessen the severity of the phenotype presented in spinal muscular atrophy.