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The Value Institute’s multidisciplinary expertise  gives us the ability to delve into the initiatives Christiana Care pursues to achieve medicine’s Quadruple Aim.

We have three programattic areas designed to support a learning health care system, on in which science, informations, patient-clinian partnerships, incentives and culture are aligned to promote and enable continuous real time improvement in both the effectiveness and efficiency of care.

At Christiana Care Health System the Value Institute removes the structural barriers that have traditionally been built to separate the health care system by fully engaging clinicians, patients and health care data in the research process. The knowledge gained leads directly to enhancements of the system of care that our neighbors value.

3 Programmatic Areas

1 Health Systems Optimization

Examines health care system and process design in order to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and improve access and overall quality of care.

Uses data-enabled implementation science, lean methodology and engineering principles while also applying qualitative and quantitative analytic skills to promote a system of quality and safety throughout the hospital and community.

2 Clinical Effectiveness

Promotes innovation in care delivery that seeks to fulfill the Quadruple Aim of improving health and health care at lower cost. The focus is on the improvement of the way we prevent, diagnose, and treat disease.

Applies clinical research principles to understand the connection between health, treatment, and the resources needed to promote it.

3 Population Health Programs

Working on integrating a social and behavioral determinants of health platform into healthcare while evaluating the delivery of evidence informed interventions within the health care setting and with community partners.

Focuses on health promotion and disease prevention, early detection and disease management and community engagement efforts.

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