Transition of the VI Scholars Program

The VI is going through exciting changes as we position ourselves to best support the AOP Goals and resulting new projects. Considering this focus and available resources, it has been decided that the VI Scholars Program will now come to a close as of October 2018.
The VI is still committed to fostering collaborations and partnerships for clinician researchers. In lieu of Scholars meetings, the VI will be sponsoring quarterly discussion sessions focusing on commonly used statistical methods and internal research priorities. Keep an eye open for these forums in the future! 

Additional Resources:

In the VI Scholars feedback survey, there were many requests for more technical, hands on training for a variety of research basics. The Academy at Christiana Care has a number of excellent resources for improving your research skills:

The Academy also provides resources for Improvement Science:

As a member of the Delaware CTR, we have access to a variety of resources including funding for projects, biostatistics support, mentorship, community engagement support, and more! Go to to create a profile. I highly recommend joining the Junior Investigators Network, which supports those who are early in their research career in their work. Contact Erin Riegel ( if you have any questions or would like to join. is another great source: online lectures are available for data visualization, where videos break down how to best display your data in graphs and figures:

Thank you for all you do for our patients and communities.


Dominique Medaglio, Mia Papas, and LeRoi Hicks