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Preventing Perioperative Cardiovascular Complications: The Conundrum Continues

Perioperative cardiovascular complications or major adverse cardiovascular events (MACEs), including all-cause death, myocardial infarction (MI), cardiac arrest, stroke and repeat revascularization either by PCI or CABG, remain the leading cause of postoperative complications and death among the aged patients (≥ 45 years old) undergoing major noncardiac surgery. Meanwhile, based on the ACC/AHA guidelines on perioperative […]

Global Surgery 2030: Evidence and Solutions for Achieving Health, Welfare and Economic Development

Remarkable gains have been made in global health in the past 25 years, but progress has not been uniform. Mortality and morbidity from common conditions needing surgery have grown in the world’s poorest regions, both in real terms and relative to other health gains. At the same time, development of safe, essential, life-saving surgical and […]

Collaborations in Global Health: The Global Network for Women’s & Children’s Health Research

The collaborative research team of J N Medical College in India and Christiana Care Health System, Delaware, USA are part of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD) Global Network for Women’s and Children’s Health Research (GN). Over the past 5 years, the Belgaum site in India has implemented a population based […]

Prioritizing Essential Surgery and Safe Anesthesia Services for Low-Income and Middle-Income Countries

Globally, 5 million deaths and 279 million DALYs were attributed to injuries in 2010 and injuries accounted for 11% of the global total disease burden. Basic surgical care has the potential to play a role in reducing the injury-related burden in low and middle income countries. Surgical and anesthesia care is an emerging global health […]

Handoffs from Operating Room to Intensive Care Unit

Value Institute Scholars meet regularly to discuss ongoing research projects, various investigative techniques, and current issues from a variety of diverse fields. Our scholars include Value Institute leadership and staff members, as well as clinicians practicing across a broad range of specialties within the Christiana Care Health System. We study pressing issues identified as part […]