Senior Clinical Researcher

Senior Clinical Researcher - Human Factors Engineer

Dr. Mount-Campbell is a Senior Clinical Researcher with expertise in Human Factors Engineering.  He completed his PhD through the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences with a focus in Cognitive Systems Engineering in healthcare.  He also has a BS and MS in Industrial and Systems Engineering to go along with his PhD; all from The Ohio State University.  His dissertation research was in how to design better cognitive artifacts for nurses based on current workarounds and their standard workflow.  Following the completion of his PhD in 2016 he was subsequently employed as an Advanced Patient Safety Fellow with the National Center for Patient Safety. During his Patient Safety Fellowship he was housed at the VA Pittsburgh Healthcare System in the Center for End Product User Testing.  His research at the VA included but was not limited to usability testing and human factors heuristic evaluations of medical devices, a study of patient wristbands in relation to fall prevention, and the development of an innovative to the VA “second victim” support program.   Following his fellowship he joined the Christiana Care Value Institute as part of the Implementation Science and Systems Optimization Programmatic Area.