Acculturation, diet, and psychological health among Asian students

Chai SC, Jiang H, Papas MA, Fang CS, Setiloane KT

J Am Coll Health 2018 Jul;:1-8

PMID: 29979923


OBJECTIVE: The study examined the association between acculturation level, dietary nutrient intake, and psychological health of Asian students at the University of Delaware.

PARTICIPANTS: A total of 172 students completed the study.

METHODS: Data were collected, using questionnaires, through Qualtrics®. Linear regression models were used to examine the association between normally distributed diet and acculturation and demographic data.

RESULTS: As length of residence in the United States increased, acculturation level and maintenance of original culture both increased. There was no significant association between acculturation and nutrient intake. Chinese students were more likely than other Asian students to have nonspecific psychological distress.

CONCLUSION: There was no significant association between diet and acculturation level. A larger sample population with longer US residence is needed to further investigate this association. In an effort to improve psychological health of Asian students, challenges specific to this population, such as the language barrier, should be addressed.

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