Mapping the Burden of Chronic Diseases in Delaware for Public Health Decision Making

McIntire RK, Brooks M, Siegel SD, , Papas M

Dela J Public Health 2019 Feb;5(1):26-28

PMID: 34467011


Public health decision-makers need to consider geographic differences in rates of chronic disease risk factors and outcomes in order to focus intervention efforts on populations exhibiting the greatest burden of disease. Increasingly, public health agencies are using geographic information systems (GIS) to analyze area-based variations and identify geographic priority areas for health promoting interventions. The articles in this issue are descriptive studies presenting the geographic distribution of select chronic disease risk factors and outcomes among Delaware communities. These studies emerged from a collaboration between the Christiana Care Value Institute and the Jefferson College of Population Health. These studies show that the burden of chronic diseases is not distributed evenly among communities in Delaware. The results of these studies add to the evidence base about public health in Delaware, and should inform public health practitioners working to improve the health of Delaware communities.

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