COVID-19 in hospitalized adult patients with sickle cell disease: A 2020 US cohort using Cerner Real-World Data (CRWD)

Guarino SH, Williams KD, Caplan RJ, Fawcett M, Lanzkron S

J Clin Transl Sci 2023 ;7(1):e152

PMID: 37528938


We used Cerner Real-World Data™, representing hospital admission records from 2020, to examine patients with co-occurring sickle cell disease and COVID-19 by discharge disposition grouped as death/hospice versus transfers to other facilities, returned home, or left against medical advice. Among the death/hospice group, we found older age and higher rates of congestive heart failure and diabetes. There were also significant differences in tachypnea, mechanical ventilation, minimum O saturation, and length of stay with higher rates in the death/hospice group. Awareness of such factors and associated mortality risks for this population may aid in patient care.

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